In the second quarter of this year, LTD “Berdichev Machine Building Plant “Progress” began the practical implementation of the project “Construction of an inside warehouse of concentrate” for PJSC “Poltava mining complex”.

Nevertheless on the name “warehouse” this facility is in fact consists of two area of technological conversion of iron ore concentrate production and includes pulp thickening and its further filtration (

The site will be fed with pulp from the ore-dressing plant. And from warehouse in the form of dewatered concentrate it will be passed to the line of pelletization or to the shipping yard on the carriages as a finished goods.    

The heart of this facility is dewatering site which represented by three horizontal chamber filter presses FKM 500 with high unit capacity.

For performance of these works there were organized operational local office which engaged in implementation of the project. It was also organized the group of skilled specialists by “Poltava mining complex” for implementation of the project.

Presently by efforts of LTD “Berdichev Machine Building Plant “Progress” and its sub-contractors works are carried out on the arrangement of the thickener bases, the filtration site and the compressor section.