Capacitance pressure filters EDM

Capacitance pressure filters EDM are designed for filtering various suspensions, separation of solutions into liquid and solid phase.

Horizontal grid equipped with filtering cloth is used as filtering element. Filters EDM are equipped with automatic control system.

Filters EDM are indispensable in those applications in which multiple cake washing and drying is required. They are especially suitable for filtering highly-concentrated suspensions with the solid phase content up to 50-60%.

Introduction of mechanized cake discharge lock allowed to include the total filtering unit into production automatic control system.

Cake moisture content achieved when drying it with air or inert gas -10% – 12%.

Pressure Filters DPR

Filters are designed for filtering Copper sulphate, Nickel sulphate and other electrolytes

Filters provide high quality of electrolyte, its heat-resistance up to 60 °C, high capacity and time savings.

Time can be saved due to the design of filtering package, envisaging its quick replacement, and small dimensions of the filter, which makes it possible to move it fast to the required bath.


Leaf horizontal filter MGV


Leaf horizontal air-tight with heating and vibrational cake removal filters MGV are designed for purification of remelted Sulphur in Sulphuric acid production, and also for decolouring filtration of solutions and remelted substances.

Filters can be manufactured for operation with precoat and without it. Cake is removed with the help of vibration shaking.

Filtering leaves with drainage mesh equipped with filtering mesh are used as filtering elements. Filters are operated in automatic and semi-automatic operation duties.

Upon the requirements of the customer we can manufacture filters out of low-carbon, highly corrosion-resistant steels.


Ceramic Candle Filters PKJ, PKO and Pressure Candle Filters PMJ, PTJ, PTV, PTK


Ceramic candle filters PKJ,PKO and pressure candle filters PMJ, PTJ, PTV, PTK are designed for thickening and decolouring filtration of slurries under pressure.

Filter is operated in automatic and semi-automatic modes.

Filters have developed filtering area and provide high filtrate purity. Low maintenance cost, high efficiency guarantee optimal use of candle filters and make them indispensable in many branches of industry.


Vertical filters MVR, MVK, MVV, MVJ


Leaf vertical filters MVR, MVK, MVV, MVJ are designed for filtering fine-disperse, highly viscous, easily evaporating, oxidizing, toxic suspensions.

Filter elements can be manufactured for operation with precoat and without it. Cake is removed with the help of vibrator or hydraluc wash-out pipe.

Filtering leaves with drainage mesh, equipped with filtering mesh or cloth are used as filtering elements.

Filters are operated in automatic and semi-automatic modes.


Belt Vacuum Filters LOP


Vacuum belt filters are designed for separation of aggressive, not aggressive and quick settling slurries with inhomogeneous solid phase.

These filters are used in chemical industry (for floatation of potassic wastes and other chemical slurries filtration); in coal industry (for coal concentrate filtration); in mining industry; in food industry and other branches of industry.
The scope of delivery includes: a filter with a drive, a control system, a drainage belt and filter cloth. Accessories are available on request: a vacuum pump, an air trap and receiver trap.

To ensure an effective filtering process and steady moisture index, a feeding zone is equipped with a level sensing device regulating slurry flow to the filter through adjustment the speed of pump drive or position of feeding valves (depending on filter type).

For easy replacement of sealing belts, the vacuum filters are equipped with a system of lowering of a vacuum chamber.
Depending on vacuum filter cloth’s width, rolling bearings or air-cushion support is used.

This system significantly reduces the effects of frictional force on the rubber belt, ensuring a long service life with continuous operation of the filter
To reduce the downtime connected with the occurrence of emergency stops and its mitigation, it is possible to install additional sensors (pressure in receivers, vacuum on the receiver traps, rotationon the pumps drives, etc.). They provide control of primary and auxiliary equipment with visualization on the control panel, as well as the correct stop in emergency situations.
Also, besides the basic functions of centering and adjusting the speed of the filter cloth, can be provided automatization of the entire process of filtration.
In order to provide proper filter working and organization of filter cake washing, the filter can be equipped with elements of the vacuum system, depending on technological requirements (sludgy filtrate discharging, separate discharging of washing liquids, steam clearing) according to the following circuit diagram.

Vacuum Belt Filters LON

Vacuum Belt Filters are designed for the separation of aggressive and nonaggressive fast sedimenting suspensions with inhomogeneous solid phase.

Belt vacuum filters LON are successfully used for dewatering of quartz sand, rough ilmenite and zirconium concentrates, as well as similar crystalline products.

Belt vacuum filters LON are characterized by high reliability, structural simplicity and ease of maintenance.

In contrast to other types of filters, there is no need to supply compressed air to LON filters. Filters of this type can use cloths without high strength properties, since the cloth is not tensioned and all loads are carried by reinforced rubber belt.

An optimal dewatering is achieved by adjusting the rotation speed of the belt using an AC frequency converters.

Optionally the filter can be equipped with a device for measuring the sediment volume, which allows to determine the current and the total capacity on the bone dry weight with sufficient precision.